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Here’s Why You Should Move into a Two-Bedroom Apartment

Looking for an apartment in downtown Beloit? Awesome choice. Figuring out the right apartment size can be a bit tricky. One bedroom? Two bedrooms? And what about pets and location? No worries, we've got you covered on all fronts. The real question is how much space you need. If you're thinking of leveling up from a studio or one-bedroom to a two-bedroom apartment, you're in for some serious perks.

The new Riverfront Building offers one- and two-bedroom units with plenty of space to live comfortably; perfect for downsizing from a house or living with family or roommates.

For extra space, privacy and room to host, a larger unit is your best bet. Here are the benefits of renting a two-bedroom apartment at Wright & Wagner Lofts:

A Dedicated Home Office or Studio

Find balance between your work life and your personal life with a dedicated home office or studio. Create a productive and inspiring space, that’s free from distraction. When the workday is over, have the rest of your apartment to relax and unwind.

Host Guests Comfortably

If you plan to have guests over, they’ll most likely need somewhere to sleep. Add a bed or a pullout couch to a second bedroom to offer your friends or family a comfortable place to rest their heads when they visit you.

Enjoy a Private Balcony

Most of our two bedroom units feature a private balcony with city, river, or stadium views. A perfect place to relax, tend to your flowers or herb garden, and soak it all in.

A Bedroom for the Kids (and their stuff)

At Wright & Wagner Lofts, we love our littlest residents, and they’ll love having their own room, complete with a spacious closet.

Live with a Roommate

Two-bedroom apartments are a perfect option for roommates. Each person can have the space and privacy they need to be comfortable. PRO TIP: Having a roommate allows you to upgrade apartment size without upgrading the rent bill!

With a two bedroom apartment, the opportunities are endless.

You’ll enjoy ample room to store and organize your things, host dinner parties, be with family, and so much more. No matter your lifestyle, we’ll work with you to find a residential unit that fits your needs.

Contact our leasing team today to discuss apartment options and availability!


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